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The cornerstone of civilization is the family.  The family, which gathers matter what the a place called "HOME"; the place of comfort and refuge that each of us innately needs.

But the home is more than just a refuge that each of us develops his or her own individuality.  It is where we raise our families, welcome our friends, where we do what we want to do when we don't have to do anything!  It is here that we express our interests, where our emotional climate is developed and our individuality shows itself.  The home should be so planned as to encourage expression of the human, beauty, sensitivity, values and the building of a philosophy of life: an environment that can influence us to develop our full potential. 

Untitled design (19).png

Creating a home is creating a world of your own

The home is not just a place, but an oasis away from the pressures of today's uncertainties and worries.

What should this oasis be like?

It's attractive and comfortable, of course. It doesn't look "decorated". It looks warm, inviting and well cared for.  It is a retreat with warmth and personality that cries out "WELCOME"! 

Remember, rooms are to be lived in not just looked at. No matter how you approach the interior design of your home, it is a special place and will be unique. Your individuality is indelibly stamped on your surroundings. Decorate it according to one of the basic principles of INTERIOR DESIGN...incorporating your preferences in to a workable, convenient and enjoyable atmosphere.  Then it will truly be a place of beauty. 

Interior Design Projects


IMG_0223 (1).jpg


This oasis I designed made the cover of LUXURY HOME MAGAZINE.

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